Syneron Laser Hair Removal Problems

According to WebMD, folliculitus or even infected follicles, can result from damaged follicles of hair. The combined energies of the laser beam and radio frequency in Elos technology partner as much as heat up the active hair follicle harming it beyond repair, based on Syneron. com. Folliculitus is seen as a red pimples that contain liquid, and could itch or burn. They frequently happen on the face and are caused by germs or fungus in the damaged follicle. The conductor ultrasound gel is used with the therapy. The specially formulated gels may contain things that aggravate skin and possibly lead to outbreaks or irritation.

As in any medical establishing, skilled and professional technicians operating the device must maintain a sanitary environment and resources. The hand piece tip must be completely sanitized before use and the conductor gel containers should be like new and completely clean in the nozzle. Such products, if badly maintained, are breeding grounds for bacteria that may make its way to the follicles as well as surrounding skin. The technician must also put on gloves during the procedure or risk infecting the actual vulnerable skin with bacteria and particles.

Most sufferers undergoing laser Syneron hair removal may require a good anesthetic cream pretreatment to numb the skin simply because for some, it can be unpleasant. Treatment should only be administered by expert aesteticians or physicians trained in the proper technique Elos system. Otherwise, bad technique or carelessness could lead to burns through the equipment. The product's head has 2 metal bars that can leave minor burns in case technicians don't make complete contact with your skin each time they fire the heartbeat.

No hair removal method will completely eliminate each and every hair growth or future regrowth. Based on the hair's coarseness, precise location of the hair, color and type of skin, the amount of Elos treatments essential to obtain the maximum amount of baldness varies and will require multiple appointments, spaced out with one to two a few months in between treatments. What has led to this is then various growth stages associated with active follicles. Aside from being a extended process, it is also expensive. Cost depends on size and difficulty of area to become treated and ranges from several hundred in order to thousands of dollars.

Light hairs such as jaunatre, red, white or gray may stay, despite claims by Syneron that Elos may remove even minimally-pigmented hair colors on all pores and skin tones, even tan ones. In SeattleCosmedicSkinCare. com, a company that works Elos, they say "permanent hair reduction may be accomplished by most patients with hair more dark than their skin tones, " still lasers cannot treat white or blond hair. According to a study published within the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy 5 years ago, laser treatment efficacy has traditionally already been limited to those with dark hair and lightweight skin. However , the same resource revealed Elos was slightly more effective on jaunatre hair than on white, independent of pores and skin tones.