How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

On average, three treatments of the same area are needed to offer the desired results. Depending on the person and condition from the hair, more treatments may be necessary. However, most people rarely need more than six treatments unless hormonal imbalances or other factors end up being an issue. No laser hair removal machine has the capacity to provide permanent hair removal (laser leg hair removal). Most lasers are only in a position to result in significant hair reduction. This means that some percentage from the hair will often grow back. In patients along with white or blond hair, complete regrowth is likely within in regards to a year. In patients with dark hair and gentle skin, hair will be significantly reduced, but some hairs which were in the dormant phase may become active subsequent treatment. This will result in partial hair regrowth between the monthly sessions. Generally, after the completion of the standard treatment, hair will be kept at bay for approximately 2 years. Annual maintenance sessions may be essential to deter full regrowth.

Tips and Warnings
Laser hair removal (Laser Leg Hair Removal) boosts the skin's sensitivity to sunlight, making it more vulnerable to sunburn and sun damage. Thus, it is best to undergo treatments during the actual colder winter months and avoid sun exposure no matter what. Moreover, exposing laser treated skin to sunlight can lead to significant discoloration and sunspots that may be long term. Also, be aware that laser treatments can be somewhat painful especially in more sensitive areas like the underarms or bikini area. Some people find it helps to rub numbing cream on the region before treatment to dull the pain.