How to Compare Hair Removal Options for Legs

Use the quick, tried and true hair removal method of shaving, which is the standby removal technique that most women first used. Soap and water will do the trick, but is murder on the skin. Instead use a moisturizing shave gel to protect the skin from nicks and keep the moisture in.

Pluck the hairs with an epilator. These are small, handheld devices and they work like giant tweezers as they pull multiple hairs out from the root at once. The units are inexpensive but still painful. It takes longer than waxing, so you need a high pain tolerance. Again, hold the skin taught while using the machine to achieve the best results.

Wax at home or with a professional, and expect a little pain. There's no way around it, waxing hurts, but it gives results that last up to six weeks. A professional makes quick work of waxing, but it can be costly. Home waxing kits are user friendly and affordable. Use one hand to pull the skin taught while ripping the strip off with the other.

Go for the permanent solution of laser hair removal on your legs (Laser Leg Hair Removal). The light destroys the hair follicle preventing the hair from growing back. Multiple laser treatments are required for permanent results and work best with dark hair. The coarser the hair, the more treatments are required. It's an expensive option, so research the laser centers thoroughly before you begin treatment.

Rub on hair removal lotions. These have chemicals that dissolve the leg hair and a fine layer of the skin, leaving the legs soft and hair free. The lotions work best with fine hair and those without sensitive skin. Only use them once a month to avoid skin irritation.