Laser Hair Removal Dark Skin

When the laser removal industry first emerged, people with darker skin tones had vastly limited options when it found permanent hair reduction. Both electrolysis and standard laser removal treatment simply weren't equipped to treat the melanin within dark skin. Meaning permanent results were extremely difficult to attain. Thankfully, rapidly improving laser technology is already overcoming this issue, opening up a whole new era in laser removal for dark skin.

There are 6 basic skin types:

Skin Type 1 : Light white skin, blue/hazel eyes, blond/red hair. This person always burns when out within the sun and never tans.

Skin Type 2 : Reasonable skin, blue eyes. Burns easily and tans badly. This person does not hold a tan for lengthy.

Skin Type 3 : Average Caucasian with white unexposed pores and skin. Burns moderately but gains an average tan.

Skin Type 4 : Light brown skin. Burns minimally and golden skin tone easily. (Asians, Hispanics, and Mediterranean's)

Skin Type 5 : Brown skin. Rarely burns. Tans very easily and holds the tan for a long period. (East Indians, Hispanics, etc. )

Skin Type 6 : Dark brown or black skin. Never uses up and tans profusely.

Generally, skin types 1 - 4 require fewer laser skin treatments of laser treatment than skin types 5 - 6 for long term results.

Laser hair removal is an infinitely more efficient and effective means of getting rid from the hair. Laser light attracts the pigmented hair hair foillicle. This laser light energy is converted into warmth, which damages the root of the hair. Treatments are spaced 6-8 weeks apart for that body and 4-6 weeks apart for the encounter. Normally 5-7 treatments are required in order to attain a permanent outcome. Laser hair removal is not really extremely painful. You will feel some discomfort with respect to the treatment area. Normally there is little hair between sessions. If necessary, shaving is an option between sessions. In the long run, laser hair removal is extremely cost effective. Laser hair removal is not a great treatment option for white or blond hair.

How Many Laser Treatments are Recommended for Dark Skin?

Even while lasers become more adept and treating dark pores and skin, your total treatment package may still require more sessions compared to national average of 3-5, as safety precautions could make dark skin hair removal treatments a more painstaking and time intensive process, making more treatments generally necessary. Most clinics simply wish to make the treatments as safe as possible. The total number of treatments will also depend on what the main body is involved, of course, as areas such as the back and chest will require more time compared to an underarm or pubic hair removal procedure.