Electrolysis vs Laser Hair Removal

When people get sick and tired of shaving, waxing, and using depilatory creams to fight a continuing battle against unwanted facial and body hair, they often begin to explore electrolysis and laser treatment options. It's quite common knowledge that two most popular treatments currently available for removing unwanted body hair are electrolysis and laser treatment. While the vast majority of people looking to get rid of unwanted body hair choose electrolysis, those who remove hair with laser technology are quick to indicate its benefits.

Electrolysis Hair Removal :
Electrolysis hair removal functions by inserting small probes straight into the follicles of unwanted hair, without penetrating your skin. Once the needles are in place, electric current is transmitted with the hair follicle, resulting in permanent destruction of the hair's capability to grow. Following successful electrolysis treatments, unwanted hairs tend to be permanently removed.

Laser Hair Removal :
Laser hair elimination dos not involve probes. With laser hair removal, concentrated light beams are directed at unwanted follicles of hair. These laser light beams penetrate deep within the affected follicles of hair, and can destroy a number of hairs having a single treatment.

Laser technology with regard to removing hair, on the other hand, doesn't make use of anything called a needle. It removes hair method of a fine laser beam. There are no sharp objects that penetrate the skin anytime. This is why laser hair removal is regarded as a noninvasive treatment. As a result, many individuals are more comfortable with this method than they will be electrolysis.

Comparing Electrolysis and Laser treatment :
One of the primary differences between electrolysis and laser treatment is the number of hairs that can be treated at a given time. With electrolysis, each hair follicle is treated separately. For large areas, applying electrolysis treatments to each individual follicle can typically be time consuming. Laser hair removal technology allows for hundreds of hair follicles to be treated simultaneously.

Not so when hair is actually extracted with laser light. Many people with excessive body hair on their own chests legs and back out for laser hair removal in an effort to improve their appearance. Even men whose backs are filled coarse dark hair find that laser treatment is an attractive option for them. They can get rid of a lot of unattractive hair quickly and affordably.

However, another of the primary differences between electrolysis and laser treatment relates to the number of treatments required to attain desired results. With electrolysis, even though each follicle needs to be treated individually, once a follicle has been handled, it is done. Hair will not grow back again from that follicle again. Laser hair removal, nevertheless, may need to be performed several times to sufficiently inhibit the possibility of hair to grow back through the affected hair follicles.